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Here you will find links to other items that may be of help to you in managing your debt and/or improving your credit score.

Country Candy Delights
You might want to improve your mood while going through this whole process by indulging in some Gourmet Chocolate Fudge Candy or you might want to send a Chocolate Gift to someone that has really been helpful and a friend to you during this time.

Mortgage Loans - Mortgage Refinancing
Refinance House Loans facts and tips even if you are looking for a poor credit mortgage loan.

How To Fix Credit
It does not matter what interest rates are if you still can't qualify for a mortgage loan because your credit scores are too low.

Check Credit Score
Do you need to check your credit score? Not sure! Everyone should check their credit report and score at least once a year. There may be posting errors or identity theft issues that you don't want to suddenly show up when you go to buy something on credit.

Avoiding Bankruptcy
Are you doing your best to avoid bankruptcy. Learn things here about avoiding bankruptcy.

Refinance After Bankruptcy
It is possible to refinace your home after Bankruptcy. Learn more here.

Bankruptcy Questions You May Have
If you have questions about Bankruptcy, the cost, the filing process, etc. check here.

Cost of Filing Bankruptcy
Learn what you need to know about the cost of filing bankruptcy. It may be better to use that money to pay down your outstanding debt.

Filing Personal Bankruptcy

Buying A Home After Bankruptcy

Is Bankruptcy Your Answer

New Bankruptcy Laws

Student Loans and Bankruptcy

What is the Bankruptcy Means Test
Would you like to learn more about the new bankruptcy means test. Then visit this site.

Student Loan Consolidation
Helpful information about consolidating your student loans.

Whats My Credit Score
If you don't know what your credit scores are then you really need to find out for your own good. You need to review your credit history and see if there are any errors in your file that might be impacting your scores negatively. Learn more at this site.



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