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Best Equity Home Loans

Best Equity Home Loans

The best home equity loans vary based on a persons situation.

The equity in your home is computed by subtracting the total of the unpaid mortgage balance plus any liens on the property from the property's appraised value. If you are just trying to get an idea of the equity you have in your home and don't want to pay for a new appraisal then check the fair market value on your tax records. Up the fair market value by 10% and this will give you a general idea of what your house's appraised value might be. All this is assuming that your tax accessors office has fairly accessed your property's value, which is usually the case.


Equity Loan

An equity loan is attractive to borrowers for several reasons: typically have a lower interest rate (usually variable and tied to the prime rate), usually easier to qualify for (even with bad credit), interest payments may be tax deductible and one can usually get a relatively large loan with a home equity loan.

The best equity home loans can be amortized for a period of fifteen to twenty five years. Generally people opt for the fifteen year period.

Because an equity loan rate is much lower than credit card rates or rates on other types of loans, people generally get a home equity loan and pay off all their other high interest rate debt in order to save money.

In order to qualify for the best equity loan rates you will need good credit scores. The higher your credit scores the better your rates. If you need help improving your credit scores Credit Score Freedom can help you.

The higher your debt to income ratios, the less likely you are to qualify for the best home equity loan. Even though you can qualify for a home equity loan with a debt ratio higher, it is best to keep your debt at around 25 to 30 percent of your income.

It is key to shop around for the best equity loan rate and the internet offers you the easiest way to do this today. The best equity home loan is one with a low rate and low closing cost.




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